Family Personal Assistant

Take the stress away from your family holiday in Rome

We understand that travelling to a new city with children can not always go as smoothly as planned, and sometimes it would be nice to have someone else make arrangements for you and your family.

Elena Biondi and Kayley Moore not only have over 10 years each of experience with children, they have both worked in professional services as Personal Administrators in the past.  They both live in Rome and would love to offer their services to help you and your family have wonderful time here.

We can help with arragements such as:

  • Booking restaurants
  • Booking your family tours in advance
  • Helping you and your family navigate Rome and the public transport system
  • Providing you with helpful information and tips
  • Accompanying you on and your family on any outings
  • Helping you with your children

We can tailor our services to meet each families individual needs, so get in touch with us to help plan your family friendly visit to Rome!

We offer a full day of service as your family PA here in Rome at a rate of €250 for a full day (10 hours).  

This includes liaising with you prior and making any advance arragements and bookings that you may require, we will arrive in the morning and accomapny you and your family throughout the day.

Get in touch with us to book your family friendly PA here in Rome!

Elena Biondi +39 3351752112

Kayley Moore +39 3458021453