Junior Nanny

A junior nanny is a younger and less experienced nanny.  They usually have 2 years or less experience, however are still capable of taking sole charge care of children, as well as working in teams with other staff.

Junior nannies can live in, or live out and a schedule should be created between the family and the nanny pertaining to the needs of the family and the role of the nanny.  Some normal duties of a junior nanny can include:

  • Taking the children to and from school and after school activities
  • Supervising homework and organising stimulating age appropriate activities
  • Teach basic social, reading, writing and potentially language skills
  • Undertake light household duties relating to the children such as laundry, preparation of meals and maintaining the cleanliness of the children's room and belongings
  • Assisting with the physical needs of the children including dressing, feeding and bathing

Once we have found a junior nanny for you we will charge a placement fee of €120 which is payable after 1 month of the nanny working with you.  We will also help you to prepare a timetable or schedule and be available to support both you and the nanny throughout the term of the agreement.